Collaborate with Us

The NA-ACCORD welcomes all who are interested to participate in research. 

  1. Getting started

Have a research question? Start by reading the NA-ACCORD’s Collaboration Polices and an overview of the steps required in our proposal development process. Then, complete the NA-ACCORD Concept Sheet to submit your idea for approval. You may find our list of Available Data Elelments helpful in drafting your Concept Sheet

  1. Concept Sheet approval process

Your Concept Sheet will be reviewed by:

  1. Analyses and creating your scientific product

Once approved by all three grops listed in step 2, the analyses will be conducted by the Epidemiology/Biostatistics Core. An in-depth discussion of these options for analyses will occur during the review process of your Concept Sheet.

NA-ACCORD investigators who are interested in participating in your research will volunteer to join your Writing Group. You will utilize your writing group as potential co-authors for the scientific product that results from your research. The Writing Group is a valuable asset that allows access to a number of established HIV investigators in the US and Canada.

  1. Publication or presentation of your scientific product

Once completed, your scientific product will be reviewed by the Steering Committee prior to making it public. If the product is a manuscript, please follow the Manuscript Checklist. Assistance is provided for completion of the Acknowledgements section.