Weill Medical College of Cornell University - Recruitment Strategies

1. Method one: Chart review and referral

2. Method two: Subjects may be recruited by referral of investigators and other physicians in the Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine (Pulmonary) and/or review of hospital admissions and hospital database. Patients of Weill Cornell Internal Medicine Associates (CIMA), NYPH and/pr patients of the Pulmonary division who may qualify for this study, will be identified by chart review and recruited by telephone, using an IRB approved telephone. Subjects may also be acquired by referral of other doctors in and outside of WCMC.

3. Method three: Approved advertising materials will be posted on online clinical trials websites such as CenterWatch, Researchmatch.org, Clinicaltrials.gov and other similar websites. Additionally, approved advertising materials will be advertised online on social networking websites (such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, COPD Support Blog, YouTube etc.), online classifieds (such as Craigslist and Backpages.com) and on general online websites such as Google.com).

4. Method four: IRB approved advertisements will be posted at various educational institutions, hospitals, clinical and other locations throughout the New York Metropolitan (NYC) area. Advertisements will also be placed in newspapers, newsletters and other medial outlets in the NYC area. We will also employ CTSC recruitment resources which may include web based recruitment resources, research booklets and community outreach. Subjects who successfully complete the bronchoscopy procedure will receive $25 if they refer an individual who also completes the bonchoscopy procedure. Clinical patients seen at the WCMC Pulmonary division, the Pulmonary Consultants of New York, and/or NYPH may be recruited by co-investigators to either have (a) extra samples (blood, airway and /or urine) taken for research (WCMC/NYPH clinical patients); and/or (b) nasal sample and optional blood draw taken during one of their clinical visits (PCNY clinical patients).